Virtual Program

Time Content Block Topic Speaker
9:00 GMT Virtual Pre-Show with Emilie Barta
9:15 GMT   Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:30 GMT   Innovative Formats Meeting Architecture For Hybrid Meetings Maarten Vanneste,     Meeting Support Institute
9:45 GMT   Stop Organizing Events and Enjoy The Ride Cristiano Betta, Geeks of London
10:15 GMT   The Death of Death By PowerPoint! Participation Techniques That Foster Learning, Fun and Connections Jenise Fryatt, Eventprov
11:00 GMT Virtual Break with Emilie Barta
11:10 GMT Virtual White Space (your free time)
11:15 GMT   New Technology Let’s Figure This Social Media Thing Out! Miguel Neves, IMEX
11:30 GMT   Hybrid Events Virtual Audience Engagement: How To Do It Right and Earn the Right To Do It Again Emilie Barta
12:00 GMT   Virtual Lunch with Emilie Barta
12:25 GMT Virtual White Space (your time for lunch)
12:55 GMT Virtual Return with Emilie Barta
13:00 GMT   Hybrid Production: We’ve Virtually Got This Figured Out… Brandt Krueger, metroConnections
13:45 GMT New Technology Events and Mobile: The Beginning of the Affair Michael Douglas, GenieMobile
14:00 GMT  Hands On Mobile Gaming Ellen Dudley,   CrowdScanner
14:30 GMT Virtual Break with Emilie Barta
14:40 GMT Virtual White Space (your free time)
14:45 GMT   Hybrid Events Hybrid Event
Crisis Simulation
15:30 GMT Virtual White Space (your free time)
15:40 GMT   Virtual Tea with Emilie Barta
16:00 GMT Risking Your Hybrid Event Paul Cook, Clarity    Insurance
16:15 GMT   Hybrid Event ROI Ruud Janssen, TNOC
16:30 GMT   Behind The Scenes with Event Camp Europe ECEU Organizers
17:00 GMT  Innovative Formats Re-Learning To Play In The Real World: A Down To Earth Appraisal of How Gamification Can Transcend the Online and Live Event Environment Filippo Ciampini & Julian Roberts, Active Network
17:15 GMT   Remix Your Event: From Freedom to Open Source Nick Balestra, Beyounic SA
17:30 GMT  Final Reflection
17:35 GMT Virtual Break with Emilie Barta
17:50 GMT Resume Final Reflection
18:00 GMT Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks
18:15 GMT Virtual Post-Show with Emilie Barta

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