Nick Balestra, founder & CEO beyounic

I started creating a social network for the University of Lugano in 2004 around student parties and ended up dropping out to build a start-up company. I’m fascinated by graph theories and events are just about that. Love freedom and collaboration over competition, and i’m an Open Source Software advocate.

Emilie Barta, Hybrid Event Consultant / Audience Engagement Specialist / Virtual Emcee

Emilie Barta’s #1 goal is engaging the audience…no matter where they are located. Known for her audience engagement expertise, she is forging new territory in the blended conference world and in creating the role of virtual emcee to ensure that the virtual audience feels like they are in the room even though they are not physically in the room.

Cristiano G. Betta, Director at Geeks of London

During the day a serial entrepreneur and code monkey, during the night and weekends director at Geeks of London, a non-profit that runs medium to large community events for geeks in London. These community events range from BarCamps (large tech unconferences) to HackCamps (48 hour developer events) to GeekTrips.

Filippo Ciampini, Marketing Specialist, EMEA at Active Network, Events

Filippo is developing and running the online and offline marketing programs of the Active Network, Events division. He graduated from the University of Westminster with a MA in Public Relations where he specialised in Corporate Communications and Social Media. He started his working career in Public Affairs and PR & Events firms in New York City. You can connect with Filippo on Twitter via his personal account: @filippowestmin

Ellen Dudley, Co-Founder of CrowdScanner

Ellen is on a mission to live an interesting life. Initially pursuing a career in Biomedical Engineering, she left her job in 2009 to design and organize events that would spark amazing connections between people. Now she is the co-founder of CrowdScanner, an Irish startup based in New York, experimenting with technology to stimulate discussions between people in gatherings. Their psychological mobile games, like PeopleHunt, and visual design installations provoke people to hunt for what they have in common with others, and start conversations in fun and interactive ways.

Jenise Fryatt, Eventprov Interactive Conference Experiences

Jenise is the Founder of Eventprov, interactive improv experiences for conferences, workshops & retreats; and Co-Owner/Marketing Director of Icon Presentations AV for events, in Southern California. She has been involved in the event industry for more than 20 years.  She writes for three blogs, manages 2 Twitter accounts, 3 Facebook pages, an online community for event professionals (Engage365) and a LinkedIn networking subgroup for event management professionals.

Brandt Krueger, Director of Corporate Technology for metroConnections

Geek.  Husband.  Dad.  15+ years of technology, video, and graphics support for corporate meetings and events the world over.  Lately obsessed with making presentations better, and with finding a scalable, inexpensive option for effectively sending the “in room” experience over the Intertubes to remote locations.

Miguel Neves, Events and Projects Planner, IMEX Group

Miguel has produced meetings, conferences and events throughout Europe and North America since 2005. Since August 2011 Miguel has held the title of Events and Projects Planner for the IMEX Group. An active member of MPI Miguel is the current Director of Online Marketing for MPI United Kingdom & Ireland Chapter. Miguel frequently speaks at industry events on Social Media as well as Generation Y, Return on Investment, Meeting Architecture and Cultural Challenges. Miguel holds a Masters degree in Conference and Events Management from the University of Westminster.

Maarten Vanneste, CEO Abbit Meeting Support     /  President Meeting Support Institute

Maarten Vanneste started his company Abbit in 1982 at the age of 18. Abbit evolved from an audio-visual supplier to a company with it’s focus on ‘increasing meeting effectiveness’. On that road Maarten started an association (MSI), wrote a book (‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto), and initiated the movement and an international not-for-profit around Meeting Architecture. He won the IMEX Academy award and the MPI RISE award for industry Leadership.


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