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Meeting Architecture

An introduction to Meeting Architecture and the Meeting Architecture process by the author of the book ‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto’.
What happens when you add a  distant audience to your meeting?  Are the objectives the same? Is the design the same? Do you measure the same indicators of success? A quick presentation of the basic steps from the Meeting Architecture Process shows what to do.An example based on a case shows the simple steps.

Speaker: Maarten Vanneste

Stop Organising Your Events and Enjoy the Ride

What happens to your event if you let go of the reigns and let your attendees sort things out on their own? Chaos, mayhem, and public disorder might be in your mind but our experience says otherwise. Let me introduce you to the world of BarCamps and HackDays and inspire you to put your attendees in control.

Speaker: Cristiano Betta

The Death of Death By Powerpoint: Participation Techniques That Foster Learning, Fun & Connections

We all know that long boring presentations do nothing for attendees but put them to sleep. Studies show that adults learn best when they are encouraged to interact with each other and with the educational content. When attendees engage in such activities as interacting and collaborating with peers; engaging in dialogue; practicing and learning hands on; and taking time for reflection; they have fun, retain what they learn more completely and feel more strongly that their experience was valuable.

Improvisor and event industry blogger Jenise Fryatt will help you learn and experience simple games and audience participation techniques that will add value to your presentation or event.

Speaker: Jenise Fryatt


Let’s Figure This Social Media Thing Out!
Taking ECEU and other events as reference points, this session will dive into social media´s concepts, expose its myths and look at the necessary elements to making social media work for you. Learning points: a firm understanding of key social media concepts; debunking social media myths and fallacies; and discovering tools that really can make your social media experience easier and more enticing.

Speaker: Miguel Neves


Virtual Audience Engagement:  How to Do It Right and Earn the Right to Do It Again
You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression when it comes to virtual and hybrid events! Gone are the days when it is acceptable to merely point a camera at a speaker and stream footage to the internet. Today’s virtual audience demands to be actively involved in your event or else they will not only walk away, but talk, tweet, and text their discontent. Your virtual audience expects to “experience” your event much the same way as your face-to-face audience, so it is up to you to provide them with an “experience” that they will never forget.

Speaker: Emilie Barta

Hybrid Production: We’ve Virtually Got This Figured Out…
A look at what needs to be taken into account from a technical perspective when adding virtual or hybrid experiences to you event.  What’s different about your audio visual? How do your presentations need to be changed? What questions are yet to be answered?
Speaker: Brandt Krueger


Events and Mobile: The Beginning of the Affair
It’s plain for all to see that events and mobile are made for each other. But as with real life, the strongest relationships are based on more than just passion. Are they rushing into it, how do they get on with each other’s friends, and when is it OK to try and change each other? We’ll explore how to avoid a shotgun wedding and make for a long and happy marriage.
Speaker: Michael Douglas

Hands-on Mobile Gaming

Play PeopleHunt, a social, mobile game to get to know more people at EventCampEU. This is the first time it’s ever been played across PODs!!

Speaker: Ellen Dudley


Hybrid Risk Management

Speaker: Paul Cook

Hybrid Event ROI

Speaker: Ruud Janssen


Re-learning to Play in the Real World

A down to earth appraisal of how gamification can transcend the online and live event environment. This session will help participants understand the key ingredients of a successful gaming process; learn how gaming makes a real difference in influencing and educating event attendees; and understand how to apply these basic principles to events.

Speakers: Filippo Ciampini and Julian Roberts

Remix Your Event:  From freedom, to Open Source

This session will help you learn how freedom principles can leverage the success of your event; understand how open-source is a smarter way to build software and that applying similar techniques can help you create events in a smarter way; and “cut and paste “aspects you learned during this experimental event to remix them on your next event.

Speaker: Nick Balestra


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