Welcome, Välkomna, Powitanie, Bienvenue, Welkom, Wilkomme to the LIVE! page of the EventCamp Europe Brainstorm on May 31 2012, Amsterdam RAI Elicium, the Netherlands

Agenda of the Day (All times are indicated in CET time zone)

For an overview of world times of all past EventCamp Destinations click HERE)

Schedule of Events 31 May 2012

09:30 – Start of Part 1 – live session – #ECEU Speed dating
10:00 – Exploring past Event Camp Experiences as participants

Today we will be hosting 9 hangouts in a 3×3 grid. Every Hangout will feature 2 live hosts and discuss 1 topic per 60 minutes. You can join the hangout of your choice by clicking

Checklist for starting:

1) Do you have a Google Plus account?If not create one here

2) Lookup one of the hosts below and connect to your host of choice:

Ruud Janssen & Nadia Colaiuda

Sanne Jolles & Liza Bergman

Babs Nijdam & Marcel Overveld

Please click on the name of the host to join their hangout. The Hangouts will be live at the exact time of start and will remain open for the duration of the day. In the roundup at 16:00 we will be doing a Google Hangout Broadcast from a link to be added here later on in the day.

11:00 – start Google Hangouts round 1 – 3×3 Multiple Live + Virtual breakout rooms – see instruction sheet under LINK 1 below the schedule.

12:00 – End of Google Hangout round 1

12:00 – start Google Hangouts round 2 – 3×3 Multiple Live + Virtual breakout rooms – see instruction sheet under LINK 1 below the schedule.

13:00 End of Google Hangout round 2

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break

14:30 – 15:30 start Google Hangouts round 3 – 3×3 Multiple Live + Virtual breakout rooms – see instruction sheet under LINK 1 below the schedule.
16:00 – Review of output of 3×3 experience in a Google Hangout Broadcast – Use this link ->
16:30 – end of Brainstorm

Link, PDF’s and relevant files will be placed in the space below as they come available. Please check back regularly for updates.

Link 1 – 3×3 Google Hangout Participant Overview


Instructions for past EventCamp Hangouts and EventCamp Europe sessions ____________________________
The information below was from the first LIVE! EventCamp Europe held on September 9 2011 at Down Hall in London.

Welcome, Välkomna, Powitanie, Bienvenue, Welkom, Wilkomme to the LIVE! page for the very first Event Camp Europe.

To connect to Event Camp Europe, click HERE. If Microsoft Silverlight will not work on your computer, please use this link.

To see “What’s On?” you can click here for the final online programme

To get gaming in the hands on lab with Ellen Dudley we encourage you to print or read the instructions below to get you started forEllen’s session using mobile devices for gaming at events.


Pods, there will be two group activities during this session. The first will be the “Group Challenge” listed below and the second will be “Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors.”  The Group Challenge, which I will explain during the session is well suited for small groups of 5 to 10.  However, Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors works better for large groups so you may want to try one of the other games listed here while we are playing Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors.  I will look to  the Twitter stream for your feedback of whatever games you try.

Ice Breaker Games

Circle Name Game

Players stand in a circle. Each player in turn says their own name around the circle. Do this twice so that everyone gets a chance to remember the other players’ names.

Next: First player makes eye contact with another player and says the other player’s name.  The other player makes eye contact with the first player and says “Thank you.” After both have spoken, the two players trade places.  Second player makes eye contact with a third player and says the third player’s name. The third player makes eye contact with the second player and says “Thank you,” then after both have spoken the two trade places and so on. Play continues and gets quicker but . . Remember: players may NOT trade places unless “Thank you” has been said.

Zip, Zap, Zop

Players stand in a circle. One player, Player A, claps his hands, ending in a pointing position toward the direction of another player. Simultaneously Player A will say the nonsense word “Zip!” Player B repeats this action, clapping and pointing at another player, Player C, while saying “Zap!” Player C repeats this action, pointing at yet again another player while saying the word “Zop!” Players do not need to follow any order but they should follow the patter of “zip, zap, zop.” Remember: Greet mistakes with warmth & laughter and just start over.

Ultimate Rock/Paper/ Scissors (For large groups)(Will be played on-site)

Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock. Players pair up and play rock, paper, scissors. Winner puts fists in air, champion-style and walks around the room searching for another player to play against, WHILE loser cheers him on saying winners name. When two winners meet, they play another round. The winner collects new fans/ cheerers and searches for another winner to play against and so on until there are only two winners left playing against each other. Then the final game takes place .

Group Activities

Group Perspective – Gather group together and give the group a few minutes of silence to think about what they have learned from the event. Take turns sharing takeaways and how they might use  what they learned in the future.

Group Brainstorm

In a group of 20-50 people, take turns sharing one word participants feel defines your conference, message, company culture, etc.  Write the words on a  flip chart.

After each person has shared two words, divide the group into smaller groups of 4 people each. Each smaller group then chooses 6 of the previously chosen words. Then each group reports what words they chose and a dot is placed by each of those words. The words with the most dots are chosen to be used in crafting a branding statement.

Group Challenge – (will be played on site)

Give small groups a task related to your content.  For instance, if you are teaching about incorporating participation techniques into conferences, have each group work together to create an activity that accomplishes that goal.

Easy for theater style seating

Diamond Dance

This has flash mob potential.  Have everyone stand at their seats. Instruct the front row to raise their hands and then instruct them to all turn to the right and have the new front row raise their hands and so until everyone is standing in their original positions. Let them know that they will now all dance but have to mirror the person directly in front of them to dance. Keep switching front row positions and repeat.

Turn to the person next to you to discuss

A very simple way to get a discussion going is just to ask event participants to turn to the person next to them and answer a simple (not a yes or no) question regarding your content.  This is particularly good for people who don’t like to talk in front of crowds

Thank you to our #ECEU POD leaders across Europe for experimenting with us:

Sweden, Stockholm – Chris Jolly, @ccjolly
Poland, Warsaw – Kris Celuch, @kceluch + Paulina Zawadska
Belgium, Turnhout – Paul Vanherck
United Kingdom, Croydon – Melissa Ooi, @MelissaOoi
United Kingdom, Hatfield Heath, Down Hall Onsite POD

Video inspired by the campfires at #ECTC11

See the Youtube channel with all the game submissions from The Great Event Camp Challenge here.

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