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Miguel Neves on Collaborating at ECEU & Sharing About Social Media

The following reflection is written by Event Camp Europe speaker Miguel Neves.

Being a lab rat at Event Camp Europe was a unique learning experience. It was an incredibly full day with so much to take in but the energy never left the room and I felt like I could learn from every single attendee.

Presenting on social media to an audience of social media enthusiasts was a tall order. My attempt to make the presentation a collaborative effort using an online open Google document was not entirely successful, but it was definitely an interesting experiment and one worth doing. The response on the Twitter backchannel was excellent. I had almost 30 mentions as soon as I ended my talk and over 50 throughout the day.

“Lets figure out social media” is a collaborative presentation about getting to the bottom of social media. Over the last four years I have taken a roller coaster ride with social media and I have met some wonderful people who have taught me and shared their knowledge. This is my was of sharing my knowledge and acknowledging all the excellent content that I have been lucky enough to have been exposed to.

My presentation addresses the issue of social media strategy by looking at visualising and understating social media channels, finding and listening to your audience and the complex issue of social media ROI. I do not have all the answers but I do have some and I am happy to share and discuss any of the points I presented. Feel free to comment and help me co-create at: (make sure to credit your changes)

Click here to see the video recording of Let’s Figure Out Social Media with Miguel Neves.

Figuring Out Social Media With Miguel Neves

As the current Director of Online Marketing for MPI United Kingdom, Miguel Neves is considered a go-to guy in the events community for information on Social Media as well as Generation Y, Return on Investment, Meeting Architecture and Cultural Challenges.

He has produced meetings, conferences and events throughout Europe and North America since 2005. Since August 2011 Miguel has also held the title of Events and Projects Planner for the IMEX Group.

He will be sharing his expertise with Event Camp Europe participants in a session entitled, “Let’s figure out social media!”

I recently asked Miguel a few questions about social media and his upcoming sessions.

JENISE: Why is social media so important to events?

MIGUEL: Social Media is important to events as it creates a sharing platform for all stakeholders. The communication is much more open on social media than via email or other channels. It also has the potential to create movements and spawn related events, communities or projects. When events are understood as the physical meeting point of a community, social media provides the glue that keeps that community engaged and thriving.

JENISE: How can it drive attendance at events?
MIGUEL: Social media can drive attendance by providing an additional and unique channel to drive event attendance. The communal aspect of social media means that an event can promote itself is a movement around it has gained momentum. Attendee recommendations hold much more weight than traditional promotional marketing messages, making social media extremely powerful in driving attendance.

JENISE: What are the elements of a good social media marketing strategy?

MIGUEL: A good social media strategy starts with the event/project/organisation’s business goals at its core. The social media marketing strategy must align with the overall marketing goals. If these are well defined and the ways social media can help achieve these are found then that is a solid based of good social media marketing. A good understanding of social media channels is also crucial.

JENISE: What is the best way to learn about social media?
MIGUEL: The best way to learn about social media is to experiment. No one know it all and social media functionality is changing all the time. The best resources are online and most social media users will be happy to share their knowledge and expertise, provided those seeking this do so in an open and constructive way.

JENISE: What do you hope participants will take away from your session at Event Camp Europe?
MIGUEL: I hope participants at Event Camp Europe will have a few “ah-ha” moments during my session. I am proposing taking a step back and looking at the concept of social media in a fresh way, one that can be of interest to both beginners and experienced users. I hope that my session will be fun and help the participants mould and adapt their social media presence.