About Event Camp Europe

The very first Event Camp Europe took place on Friday, 9 September at Down Hall Hotel just outside of London.


Mission Statement

Event Camp Europe seeks to create in-person learning experiences focused on using progressive & experimental methods to teach event professionals about innovative event techniques. It seeks to both showcase and be part of efforts to pioneer new ways to create meetings and events that offer more value to attendees.

Event Camp Europe 2011

Event Camp Europe (ECEU) is an opportunity for event professionals to learn about unconferences and hybrid events through actual experience.

Via remote international PODs, live online video stream and in person, participants will not only learn about different kinds of unconference and hybrid event techniques, they will also recieve practical guidance all while experiencing first hand what it’s like to be an attendee at such an event.

ECEU is the result of an international collaboration of event professionals who are passionate about their industry and wish to contribute to its advancement.

The idea for the first Event Camp Europe was co-founded by Ruud Janssen in collaboration with Lindsey Rosenthal, Jenise Fryatt and Paul Cook. Elling Hamso provided the ROI framework to set objectives and measure against. The event is altruistic and not for profit learning lab for enthusiasts to experiment and learn by doing.

(Photo courtesy ECTC & Noah Wolf Photography)


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