Event Camp Europe is Looking for Lab Rats

A lab rat is not the most appealing of titles but this is exactly what we need. Well alright, how about guinea pigs then and not a lab rat? Any better? Well not much. Better still, we are looking for people who:

  1. Want to get fully involved in an event
  2. Are willing to experiment
  3. Are willing to be honest about their experiences & learning
  4. Want to understand more about hybrid and innovative event formats
  5. Like drinking a glass of wine
  6. Want to be part of a ground breaking event
  7. Will be excited to be coming to Event Camp Europe
  8. Have energy
  9. Understand that they are critical to the success of the event (no passengers on this journey)

10. Want to join us on our journey of learning

3 Ways to be a Lab Rat:

Join us at the main location of Down Hall, UK

Join us by being in a POD

Join us as a remote attendee.

C and C

Come and connect with passionate people who want to experiment with different event formats

Come and connect with people who are helping to make change in the events industry

Come and connect

(Photo by SMercury98)


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