2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

EventCamp Europe 3×3 Hangout Amsterdam Brainstorm wrapup 31 May 2012

See the updated 3×3 grid below with the learnings summarized into 3 key takeaways per hangout.

Grid and updates courtesy of courtesy of @sannejolles

Event Camp Europe Brainstorm May 31 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands + Google Hangout 3×3 experiment

So you want to be at the new frontier of where Meetings & Events are going in the future? Are you ready to brainstorm around our next experiment?

On May 31, 2012 the brainstorm team of Event Camp Europe is planning a second Brainstorm and experimentation session.

Register to contribute to this unique brainstorm to be held on May 31 2012 at Elicium – Amsterdam RAI or on Google Hangout here: http://eceu31may2012.eventbrite.com

Can we dream up what’s next?

Many ideas, many brains, I’m convinced we can make this idea come to life.

We look forward to welcoming you because your full and undivided attention on this Thursday will be at the foundation of learning more about how new event formats and technologies are shaping the future event landscape.

Can we count on you from 09:00 – 16:30 hours on Thursday 31 May 2012.

Where?  Elysium – Amsterdam RAI if you’d like to have the full live experience (or via Google Hangout remotely)

When? Thursday 31 May 2012

What time? From 09:30 – 16:30 CET

We will experiment with a format that came as output of of our past brainstorm. It;s called the 3×3  Google Hangout rounds as well for enthusiasts from outside the room who can comment/ join or spark the brainstorm from whatever time zone in the #ECEU Sequal Brainstorm Hangout. We will have one at 10:30 – 11:30 CET , a second round at 12:00 – 13:00 and the last one from 14:30 – 15:30 CET for those in other time zones who take an interest. Remember space is limited in the hangout to 9 pax so register fast! Book your free ticket now so we know we can count on you. Remember, space is limited so make sure you’re there.

Look forward to your confirmation and seeing you there, drop me a line if you have any questions?

on behalf of those planning this next EventCamp Europe Brainstorm, which includes Babs Nijdam, Sanne Jolles, Gerrit Heijkoop, we look forward to seeing you the 31st!

Ruud Janssen


Mobile +41792910623


LINK to Website EventCamp Europe


Venue sponsor is Amsterdam RAI Elycium

Organising sponsor & breaks & refreshments courtesy of TNOC | The New Objective Collective

Lunch sponsor – <<contact us if you would like to sponsor lunch? >>


We have some great input in the Google Moderator after the Valentines Campaign from the past session on March 2nd 2012  here

What you will get by attending this Event Camp Europe Brainstorm?

Here is the ROI model for for contributing your time and brainpower:


  • New meeting format “Virtual Round Tables” improves hybrid experience (real-time online collaboration) which leads to less travel -> reduce costs & environmental impact
  • Richer discussions due to multiple input at the same time -> better learning & knowledge sharing
  • More people involved in the organisation of the next ECEU ‘real conference’ -> less time / effort needed per team member
  • Those involved will expand their reputation as innovators


  • Participants share the story of the experience with this new meeting format
  • Participants keep delivering input (knowledge, time, resources) for the organisation of the next ECEU ‘real conference’
  • Participants (intend to) apply the ‘virtual round tables’ in their own environment/ cases
  • Participants create a wake of enthusiasts that want to come to the next edition of EventCamp Europe


  • Knowledge about how Google+ and Google Hangouts works in practice (Skills)
  • Hands-on experience with the meeting-format ‘Virtual Round Tables” (Skills)
  • Get to know people who are also experimenting with virtual round tables (Relationship learning)
  • Insights in the current state of trends / issues in the events / conference industry (Knowledge learning)

Register to contribute to this unique brainstorm to be held on May 31 2012 at Elicium – Amsterdam RAI or on Google Hangout here: http://eceu31may2012.eventbrite.com

#EventCamp Europe Brainstorm 02 March 2012 Amsterdam The Netherlands

#ECEu brainstorm team in action @Amsterdam RAI Elicium

On March 2, 2012, a team of enthusiasts dared to experiment with a mix of tools and Brainstorm techniques including revolutionary new Virtual Digital Break (Hang)outs to compile format ideas for the evolutionary Event Camp Europe sequal. Thanks to the support of Amsterdam RAI Elicium for hosting this event and the numerous volunteers from around the globe. Thank you all for your contributions.

Lookout for the next brainstorm which has been set for Thursday May 31st, 2012. Subscribe to the updates in the right hand screen to find out more once registration opens.

Phone stacking at #ECEU brainstorm

What? Great exercise during the #ECEU brainstorm. How? During lunch stack all the phones on the middle of the table to prevent distraction from phone use. The person that first touches his/her phone has to pay for lunch (or the drinks after lunch). Each participant tracked the amount of times they reached for their

What would make your heartbeat go faster at a next EventCamp Europe?

The #ECEU brainstorm team has started a Google Moderator with ideas for you to vote on and contribute to. Can we count on a chunk of your EventCamp love?

Vote now here: bit.ly/ECEU12ideas

Thank you on behalf of the brainstorm Team at EventCamp Europe, #ECEU the sequal (Sanne Jolles, Nicolette van Erven, Liza Bergman, Gerrit Heijkoop, Wietse Bijzeit, Babs Nijdam & Ruud Janssen)

We will keep you all posted on the next steps!

To be continued….

2011 in review – an infographic on EventCamp Europe 2011 #ECEU

The WordPress.com stats helpers prepared a great 2011 annual report for Event Camp Europe 2011.

Here’s an excerpt:

A London Underground Tube train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,900 times in 2011. If it were a London Tube Train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report. Stay tuned to this space for some very exciting news coming up after January 11th 2012. We’re brewing up something exciting for 2012!

Miguel Neves on Collaborating at ECEU & Sharing About Social Media

The following reflection is written by Event Camp Europe speaker Miguel Neves.

Being a lab rat at Event Camp Europe was a unique learning experience. It was an incredibly full day with so much to take in but the energy never left the room and I felt like I could learn from every single attendee.

Presenting on social media to an audience of social media enthusiasts was a tall order. My attempt to make the presentation a collaborative effort using an online open Google document was not entirely successful, but it was definitely an interesting experiment and one worth doing. The response on the Twitter backchannel was excellent. I had almost 30 mentions as soon as I ended my talk and over 50 throughout the day.

“Lets figure out social media” is a collaborative presentation about getting to the bottom of social media. Over the last four years I have taken a roller coaster ride with social media and I have met some wonderful people who have taught me and shared their knowledge. This is my was of sharing my knowledge and acknowledging all the excellent content that I have been lucky enough to have been exposed to.

My presentation addresses the issue of social media strategy by looking at visualising and understating social media channels, finding and listening to your audience and the complex issue of social media ROI. I do not have all the answers but I do have some and I am happy to share and discuss any of the points I presented. Feel free to comment and help me co-create at: www.bit.ly/m7socialmediaedit (make sure to credit your changes)

Click here to see the video recording of Let’s Figure Out Social Media with Miguel Neves.

#ECEU Event Camp Europe 2011

#ECEU Event Camp Europe 2011 , a set on Flickr.

A pictorial review of the very first Event Camp Europe held in Down Hall, outside London. We encourage your views and sharing of your ECEU experience with pictures of your POD, Hangout or text comments. We are currently doing a full ROI measurement survey and will be reporting back on the metrics of this event which has engaged over 255 people with over 1250 viewing hours of the interactive hybrid programme.

To review the LIVE Event Camp Europe programme in it’s full length you can click on the link here. We will be posting post event news capsules of the individual programme components with short summaries of the key take aways. Stay tuned…..

Event Camp Europe Mediasite link index (more will be posted over the next period)

Virtual Pre-show – Emilie Barta & Ruud Janssen
Link : here

Welcome and opening remarks – Paul Cook & Ruud Janssen

Maarten Vanneste – Meeting Architecture
Link: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=1270000

Savile Studio break

Cristiano Betta – Stop Organizing Events and Enjoy The Ride
Link: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=2474000

Jenise Fryatt
The Death of Death By PowerPoint! Participation Techniques That Foster Learning, Fun and Connections
Link: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=4117000

Virtual Break interview Emilie Barta with Maarten Vanneste, Jenise Fryatt
Link: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=6826000

Miguel Neves – Let’s Figure This Social Media Thing Out!
Link: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=7585000

Emilie Barta – Virtual Audience Engagement: How To Do It Right and Earn the Right To Do It Again
Link : http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=8680000

Virtual Lunch Break with Interviews of Speakers
Link: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=10337000

Background Interview Miguel Neves
Link: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=10523000

Background interview Cristiano Betta
Link: http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=fea0bb6f456a4471a3d1c9723ebe21981d&playFrom=10989000

More links coming up soon…..

Measuring the digital footprint of Event Camp Europe was one of the objectives.

Many of you have helped us measure the ROI of this event by filling out the post event survey courtesy of Elling Hamso of Event ROI Institute. You can see the first results of the post event survey HERE

We will also be doing a post event survey learning survey 3 months after the event. More than 60% of you have answered positvely to the following question:

“May we send you a very brief feedback form in a couple of months time to ask how you may have been able to use what you learned at Event Camp Europe?”

We will be sending those respondents a link in due time to measure if your intentions have come to fruition.

To see the reach of the Tweets around hashtag #ECEU please see enclosed report outlining the basic metrics:

Here are some basic amplification figures:
157 Twitter contributors
reached 119.220 people
with over 1.908.463 impressions of Event Camp Europe.
See the full stats below….

Figuring Out Social Media With Miguel Neves

As the current Director of Online Marketing for MPI United Kingdom, Miguel Neves is considered a go-to guy in the events community for information on Social Media as well as Generation Y, Return on Investment, Meeting Architecture and Cultural Challenges.

He has produced meetings, conferences and events throughout Europe and North America since 2005. Since August 2011 Miguel has also held the title of Events and Projects Planner for the IMEX Group.

He will be sharing his expertise with Event Camp Europe participants in a session entitled, “Let’s figure out social media!”

I recently asked Miguel a few questions about social media and his upcoming sessions.

JENISE: Why is social media so important to events?

MIGUEL: Social Media is important to events as it creates a sharing platform for all stakeholders. The communication is much more open on social media than via email or other channels. It also has the potential to create movements and spawn related events, communities or projects. When events are understood as the physical meeting point of a community, social media provides the glue that keeps that community engaged and thriving.

JENISE: How can it drive attendance at events?
MIGUEL: Social media can drive attendance by providing an additional and unique channel to drive event attendance. The communal aspect of social media means that an event can promote itself is a movement around it has gained momentum. Attendee recommendations hold much more weight than traditional promotional marketing messages, making social media extremely powerful in driving attendance.

JENISE: What are the elements of a good social media marketing strategy?

MIGUEL: A good social media strategy starts with the event/project/organisation’s business goals at its core. The social media marketing strategy must align with the overall marketing goals. If these are well defined and the ways social media can help achieve these are found then that is a solid based of good social media marketing. A good understanding of social media channels is also crucial.

JENISE: What is the best way to learn about social media?
MIGUEL: The best way to learn about social media is to experiment. No one know it all and social media functionality is changing all the time. The best resources are online and most social media users will be happy to share their knowledge and expertise, provided those seeking this do so in an open and constructive way.

JENISE: What do you hope participants will take away from your session at Event Camp Europe?
MIGUEL: I hope participants at Event Camp Europe will have a few “ah-ha” moments during my session. I am proposing taking a step back and looking at the concept of social media in a fresh way, one that can be of interest to both beginners and experienced users. I hope that my session will be fun and help the participants mould and adapt their social media presence.